Newly Diagnosed Dementia

"Newly Diagnosed Dementia" is a group for newly diagnosed Dementia (early onset) patients with mild symptoms and their carers.  The programme has been designed to meet the specific needs of those with mild symptoms, for example: Memory Strategies, Managing Anxiety, Advance Care Planning, Strategies to help manage everyday life.

10am every Tuesday  

The group runs for 8 weeks and included exercise, fun activities and guest speakers e.g.

Week 1 Getting to know everyone and understanding the diagnosis

Week 2 Understanding different medications

Week 3 Memory strategies

Week 4 Creating a dementia friendly home

Week 5 Activities for the mind

Week 6 Nostalgic memories

Week 7 Guest Speakers

Week 8 Music and Celebration event

*** Please be aware that the themes of the group are subject to change


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