Day Services Groups



Make it Monday Palliative Patient Group  


Newly Diagnosed Dementia

Dementia - Peer Support

Neurological Group  
WEDNESDAY Palliative Patient Group

Breathe Group - Peer Support

Drop In Clinic



Shabby Shed Neurological Group Moving Forward (monthly)

Living with Dementia

Drop In Clinic

Palliative - Peer Support  


Carers Group (fortnightly)    

We aim to improve the quality of life for people age 17 years or older living with a life limiting condition by offering therapeutic care and a range of activities to support you and your family, carers or friends.

We will offer you a Group which meets your individual needs, focusing on how you are coping and helping to ease some of the physical and emotional difficulties you may be experiencing as a result of your illness. You will have the opportunity to make new friendships, be given support to manage your condition and maintain your independence.

Our Groups include:

  • Creative Therapies: “Make it Monday” and “Shabby Shed”
  • Dementia Groups: “Early onset” and “Living with Dementia”
  • Palliative Groups
  • Breathe Group
  • Neurological Group
  • Peer Support Groups: Palliative, Dementia & Respiratory (Breathe)
  • Carers Group
  • Moving forward (Interest Group) for patients treated curatively


A freshly prepared lunch or tea box, made on the premises, is provided for those attending groups. Provision is made for anyone with special or cultural dietary requirements – please inform staff of any allergies.