The overall aim of the rehabilitation service is to assist and support people living with a life-limiting illness to maintain their independence and quality of life.

The rehabilitation team at Pendleside can help to:

  • Maximise mobility
  • Maximise independence with personal activities of daily living, e.g. washing and dressing
  • Maximise ability with functional activity, e.g. making meals
  • Promote energy conservation strategies, e.g. breathlessness/­fatigue management
  • Manage anxiety and promote relaxation, e.g. mindfulness/­coping and motivational techniques

Pendleside also has supervised gym facilities and exercise classes available.

How can I access rehabilitation?

Referrals are accepted from patients, relatives, carers and healthcare professionals. It is important that the patient consents to the referral before it is completed and we may need to contact relevant healthcare professionals to obtain more clinical information. You may complete the referral form and email the completed form to: [email protected]

If you want to discuss a referral, please contact the team on 01282 440127

We do accept referrals through the post but this will add delays to us receiving it and being able to offer services

Who will provide rehabilitation?

The rehabilitation team consists of a specialist physi­ot­he­rapist, occupational therapist and psychot­herapist, supported by a rehabilitation assistant and other members of the Hospice team.

Where will the rehabilitation take place?

The rehabilitation service is based in the Day Services department, but is available across all other Hospice services, including inpatients, outpatients and in the community.

What happens next?

Each individual will receive an assessment of need to identify their priorities and goals. We will then work towards achieving these goals through the development of a supportive programme of rehabilitation.

If appropriate, the physiotherapist and/or occupational therapist can also provide education and support for patients and relatives/­carers to cope with difficult symptoms.

How do I contact the rehabilitation team?

The rehabilitation team can be contacted Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm by telephoning 01282 440127


If you need to cancel or postpone an appointment, please telephone the Hospice on 01282 440127 as soon as possible.