London Marathon

Emma Foster - Class of 2024


Emma Foster

"I have chosen to run the London Marathon, to raise as much money as I can for Pendleside Hospice. The charity has touched mine and my family's heart on many occasions.

My dad was diagnosed with acoustic melanoma, and lost most of his hearing and his sense of balance. Several years later - another blow - as he was unexpectantly diagnosed with bowel cancer. We were devastated. Good news came that it was stable and not an immediate cause for concern, but the operation could still be made. We decided not to operate as it was not causing any issues.

Another check-up proved different and it had grown. We needed to operate, and due to my dad's age, and having COPD, we had to undergo tests for the anaesthetic. The results were not great, but he had the option to lose some weight and improve lung function... the challenge was on.

'OK dad, you lose the weight and I'll train for a marathon'. He lost the weight, but unfortunately we couldn't operate as the COPD was too severe.

When we were training on a cold January day, I asked my dad who we should raise money for. Straight away, he said Pendleside Hospice. His best friend spent his last days at the Hospice and he was so happy to see that his friend was taken well care of.

Quote from dad, 'The place and people are so wonderful at such a difficult time, I will never forget that.'

Dad, my hero, the one who had faith in me from the day I was a twinkle in his eye, sadly passed away suddenly a few weeks ago on the 17th March after enjoying a fabulous evening on the Saturday, surrounded by family and friends, whilst attending my fundraising event for Pendleside Hospice to help boost my Just Giving page total."

Emma, you are incredibly brave to continue your training. Your dad would be incredibly proud. Thank you so much for supporting Pendleside! 💛

If you wish to support Emma, you can do so here 👉 www.­justgiving.­com/­page/­emma-foster-london-marathon

Andy Heys - Class of 2024

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"This is the second time I’m running the London Marathon (I know, I must be mad)! I am aiming to beat my time this year whilst raising as much money as possible along the way.

Pendleside Hospice is an amazing charity close to mine and my wife’s heart, where several family members have received care and support from them over the last 10 years and this is my way of showing our appreciation for everything they have done.

A big thank you to my work place Scott Parnell Ltd who have agreed to match all donations I raise by completing the London Marathon!"

If you wish to donate please visit: www.­justgiving.­com/­page/­andrew-heys-1698390824515

Good Luck Andy! 🙂

Lee Meeks - Class of 2024

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"My name is Lee Meeks, I am 41 years old, I have two beautiful daughters, Bella and Polly and an amazing wife called Nicola.

I work for James Hargreaves Plumbing Supplies selling toilets across the North West and have done for the past 22 years.

I have been running on and off for the past few years, doing 5 and 10k runs. I always fancied running the London Marathon but I only wanted to do it in aid of Pendleside; so here I am.

My dad passed away from cancer, so I know first hand just how important the Hospice is, it really is a great cause and I am proud to be taking on this this challenge and raising money for them."

If you would like to donate please visit 👉 www.­justgiving.­com/­page/­lee-meeks-1704355655427

Good luck Lee 🙂

Abigail Dunbar - Class of 2024 Marathon Runner

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“My Auntie Elaine was a big part of my life growing up." Abigail said. "I was devastated when she passed away from cervical cancer in 2013. My Auntie was cared for by Pendleside Hospice and by running the London Marathon and raising money for the charity, it will hopefully show my appreciation in all that they did to help care for her and our family family.

My Dad has ran the marathon three times, and my husband has taken part in it too - both of whom have raised money for Pendleside. my sister and brother-in-law have also taken part, so I feel that it is now my turn and to continue the family tradition! 😅"

If you wish to support Abigail by donating please visit 👉 www.­justgiving.­com/­page/­abigail-dunbar-1703868336843

Paul Swindells - Class of 2024 Marathon Runner

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Paul Swindells is part of the ‘Class of 2024’ Pendleside Hospice team, running the London Marathon in April this year.

Paul says, "I'm doing the Marathon for Allan, my father-in-law, who passed away peacefully in Pendleside Hospice last year after a brave battle with Lymphoma.

I’m hoping to do it in under four hours so I had better get training!

I’m one of two Directors at MKM Building Supplies and we were the main sponsor for the corporate challenge last year, so with all the events and regularly visiting my father-in-law, Pendleside Hospice has become a huge part of my life."

If you would like to support Paul by donating please visit 👉🏼www.­justgiving.­com/­page/­paul-swindells-1705573630270

Thank you Paul for supporting Pendleside Hospice - we all wish you the very best of luck. 💛

Meet the 'Class of 2024'

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On Tuesday evening our fabulous Pendleside London Marathon Golden Bond place runners came into the hospice for a brew and 'tour'. Between them they are aiming to raise £2,500 each for Pendleside by taking on the challenging 26.2 miles!

Left - Right: Lee Meeks, Abby Dunbar, Paul Swindells, Emma Foster and Andy Heys


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Pendleside Hospice have a team of 5 runners taking part in the London Marathon on Sunday 21st April 2024.  Our 'Class of 2024' were successful in securing a Golden Bond place.  Training programmes and fundraising plans will now be being planned

We will be introducing our team in the New Year when we have our first together 'Meet the Team'