Regular Giving


Regular gifts help us to plan for our future by providing a predictable income, something which is invaluable when we are budgeting for services. This means that not only can we care for our patients and their families today, but also plan our services for the coming months and years.

A regular gift to the Hospice , however much you can afford is a wonderful way to show you care. Over a 12 month period your support could have a huge impact and help our nurses provide vital physical, emotional, social and psychological support to our patients and those close to them, support just not available anywhere else.


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To find out further information on how to become a Star Supporter or to request a Standing Order form please contact Sheila Helm, Individual Giving Fundraiser on 01282 440136 or email: sheila.helm@­pendleside.­org.­uk or visit https://­www.­pendleside.­org.­uk/­donate-to-us to donate online or set up a Direct Debit.    

                            Star Supporter

          Thank you for your kind support.