Collection Boxes

Can you host a Pendleside Hospice collecting box?

Our collecting boxes situated in shops, pubs, clubs and other outlets, raised over £14,000 in the last 12 months – another valuable source of income to enable the hospice to continue to provide first-class services free of charge to those who need them.

Please put the box where your customers/­clients can see it (most people find that near the till is a good spot) and where you or your staff can keep an eye on it.

Please also be assured that the hospice in no way holds you accountable for the contents of the box. We simply ask that you take normal precautions to avoid loss.

When the box is getting full, there are two options available to you.

Bring the box into the hospice reception (or ask someone else to). We will replace it with an empty one and, shortly afterwards, send you a letter telling you how much was in it. This is the best method from our point of view as it costs the hospice nothing!

Ring the hospice and we will arrange for a volunteer or staff member to call with a replacement. This may take a little time as we wait until someone is travelling to your area on another task to minimise costs.

If you are interested in organising and collecting charity tins on behalf of your local hospice or if you would be prepared to site a collecting tin, then please contact our Hospice Reception on Tel: 01282 440100.