Gifts in Wills

Leave a lasting legacy

There is one way of supporting the Hospice that can make a difference to the patients and families of the future, it doesn’t cost anything now but can secure care and support for years to come – remembering Pendleside Hospice in your Will.

We know your family is the most important thing to you and we understand that ensuring they are provided for is vital, but you can also make a difference to the lives of many more people by remembering the causes you care about. After you’ve taken care of loved ones, leaving a gift or legacy in your Will to Pendleside Hospice is a great way to invest in your community and help guarantee the future of hospice care for local people.

Over the past 5 years gifts left to Pendleside Hospice in Wills have funded the care for almost 1 in 5 of our patients and has become one of our most important streams of income in recent years.

None of us know what the future holds and it’s easy to put off making a Will, or updating an existing one. People are often under the misconception that should they die, their loved ones will automatically receive everything. Unfortunately this is not necessarily the case. Taking the time to make a valid and up-to-date Will is the only way to ensure that your assets and estate go to the people and causes closest to your heart.

For help and advice or if you would like to discuss leaving a gift to Pendleside Hospice in your Will, or if you wish to inform us that you have already done so, please phone us on 01282 440141, or email our In-Memory and Legacy Fundraiser at [email protected]