Scottish Canoe Challenge with Pendleside

4th Aug 2022 - 8th Aug 2022

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This five-day challenge includes over 100km (60 miles) of paddling through stunning Scottish scenery, from Fort William in the west, to Inverness in the east. The Loch Ness Canoe Trail includes 22 miles of the man-made Caledonian Canal, linking Loch Lochy, Loch Oich and Loch Ness, creating a route which stretches the entire width of Scotland.

You’ll be travelling through some of the country’s most dramatic landscape, wild camping on the shores each night and able to enjoy the unspoilt countryside in its full glory. Your expert guides will help you develop your paddling skills and show you how to sail rafted canoes. No previous canoeing experience is required, although it would be a bonus.

This challenge is graded moderate to challenging. You will be canoeing for many hours each day, sometimes having to assist with portage (carrying the canoe from one to the next body of water). You will sleep in tents which you will erect yourself at basic wild camps with very limited facilities and you will assist with cooking your own meals each day.

For more information about this fantastic challenge please visit the trip page at: Scotland: Coast to Coast Canoe Challenge - Different Travel (