Referral criteria and geographical area

Referral criteria

Referrals are accepted (with the patient's consent) from any healthcare professional, patient, relative or carer.

When referrals are received from a patient, their relative or carer, contact will always be made (with the patient's consent) with any relevant healthcare professionals to obtain clinical information.

A referral can be made by completing this form either electronically or by hand; then print and either

  • Post to Pendleside Hospice, Colne Road, Reedley, Burnley BB10 2LW, or
  • Fax to 01282 440123
  • Email to:
  • For an urgent referral 'out of hours', or at weekend, please phone 01282 440101.

Geographical area

All our services are available to residents of Burnley and Pendle; Rossendale residents can also access our inpatient service.