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Protection and use of personal information

Patient information is personal information obtained about you in the course of your care and treatment at the Hospice. It is recorded in your Hospice medical notes and stored electronically in our computer systems. We keep this information, together with details of your care, because we need it in the event that we see you again. At times we may need to share information with other healthcare professionals so we can work together for your benefit.

The Data Protection Act 1998 explains how personal information should be processed. This applies to all information whether held on paper, or electronically on computer systems. We ensure that personal information is processed failry, lawfully and as transparently as possible in accordance with the Act.

We will not normally pass on information about other people (e.g. relatives) that may be contained in your records unless we have their consent.

For more information on why we ask for your personal informaiton, and about our Code of Con­fi­den­ti­ali­ty, please see the attached leaflet.

If your are concerned about how information about you is used, please speak to the person in charge of your care, or telephone our Clinical Services Manager on 01282 440132.