Telephone Reception on 01282 440161­/440100.

Fax 01282 601735

Chief Executive 

Helen McVey

Helen McVey

Chair of Trustees

David Brown


The Lord Shuttleworth

Clinical Services Manager

Anne Huntley

Finance & Administration Manager

Karen Ennis

Consultant in Palliative Medicine 

Dr. Anna Macpherson

Hospice Physicians

Dr. Chris Ainsworth

Dr. Moira Yates

Dr. Samantha Golding

Quality & Assurance Manager Simon Joseph

Head of Income Generation

Lisa Pearson

Head of Corporate Fundraising

Head of Events & Fundraising Officer

Community Fundraisers

Christina Cope

Sammi Graham

Jo Applegate

Leah Hutchinson

Fundraising Administration

Heather Conn

Catering and Domestic Services Manager

Mark Scott

IT & Information Manager Karen Winstanley
Area Retail Manager Catherine Argyle


Lyn McGuigan

​Saniya Janjua

HR Administrators

Julie Hodgkinson

Susan Uttley

Day Services, Family Support & Outpatients Manager

Julia O'Neill

Hospice at Home and Inpatient unit manager

Diane Hutchinson

Macmillan Physiotherapist

Jann Smith

Education Lead

Jeanette Shepherd

Family Support - Manager

Team Leader


Julia O'Neill

Simon Frauts

Ken Mitchell

Andrea Orme Wright

Spiritual Care Coordinator

Catherine Oldfield

Clinical Administration

Erika Jackson

Sarah Waddington

Hayley Pollard

Amy McFadden

Maintenance Support Staff

Paul Coulton

Karen Charlton

Steve Birtwistle