Hospice at Home: Bringing Peace and Comfort for George and Lisa

Recently, we had the pleasure of chatting to one of our Hospice at Home patients, George Bidwell and his daughter, Lisa, to find out how our Hospice at Home service has positively impacted George’s life and his family’s.

George recently came back from what sounds like a wonderful trip to the Lakes, and although George’s vision is severely impaired, taking in the countryside air, sampling the dishes of the local restaurants and taking the time out with his family was very much enjoyed. 

George was a keen sportsman back in the day, both playing and watching, including bowels and football, and he also got involved with sequence dancing with his late wife, Ella, which he continued with right up until the age of 80. George loved holidays and travelled all over the world during the 90s; Vancouver being one of the most beautiful places he’s been.

For 25 years, George worked in the preparation department at the textile manufacturer, John Spencer, in Burnley. A company who were recently involved in the Anointing Screen for the King’s Coronation, which George keenly informed us about!


George, whose palliative diagnosis is that of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, is well loved by our Hospice at Home team, who have been making weekly visits to him for the last few years. George had recently come out of hospital when our support began, after having an operation on his eye. Medical support was needed initially such as help with medicines and injections, as well as practical support such as the installation of handrails and step stools. 

Now though, our team is there to offer emotional support as well as help around the house. Our nurses love nothing more than a chat with George and to simply have a brew. In George’s words, the Hospice at Home team are “smashing”!

It’s our job to ensure that those who need us are cared for; that they feel comfortable in their homes and that they have what they need. It doesn’t stop at patient care - we’re also there for families and carers too. Lisa, who is George’s main carer, added:

“What the Hospice has given me is peace of mind. While my workplace is understanding and adaptable, knowing that Pendleside Hospice visits my dad every Saturday allows me to recoup. 

The service that the Hospice provides is brilliant. My dad likes routine and the nurses are always on time and reliable. He lives on his own, so he simply enjoys the company - a simple but great thing for my dad! It’s not always about putting the bins out and doing the washing up, but sitting down, having a chat and enjoying a cup of tea.

The time, commitment and energy the Pendleside nurses put into their work is amazing - I just want more people to be aware of the work they do."

Accessing our Hospice at Home Services

Many people, when faced with a life-limiting illness, wish to be cared for in their own home. Our hospice at home (H@H) team work in Burnley and Pendle communities, providing care and support to people aged 17 years and over according to their individual needs and family circumstances. You can read more about about our Hospice at Home services here.