Scott Cryer Runs the Year

Scott Cryer Final lapScott Cryer Runs the Year!

Scott set himself the huge challenge to 'Run the Year' in miles. In this year’s case, 2021 miles. Scott had from 1st January to 31st December to complete the challenge. This is around the same distance as running 78 marathons. Scott admitted that he is by no means an ultra or distance runner and he doesn’t have a gym membership. His hobbies are eating pies, following Burnley and Padiham football clubs and cycling with the Worsthorne Mountain Bike Club. Scott set up a Strava account to track his progress and evidence his runs. To achieve his challenge Scott had to run 60/70 miles per week, running every day. Scott was running in memory of Mark Hanson who was cared for by Pendleside Hospice. Mark was a keen runner and friend of Scotts and would have been celebrating his 50th birthday last week. Scott had completed 2020 miles up until Saturday 6th November where he chose to run his final mile around the pitch at half time at Padiham Football club. Scott was supported by the crowd and Marks family on the day.