Megaraisathon runners’ raise £6,000 helps ‘Keep Your Hospice Open’

Runners in the Pendleside Hospice Mega Raisathon managed a total of almost £6,000 after completing half marathons and other distances to support the ‘Keep Your Hospice Open’ campaign.

Friends Mark Irlam, Louisa Mayor and Donna Bilbrough organised the event after the Great North Run, which they intended to take part in and raise funds for Pendleside, was cancelled because of Covid-19.

Louisa is sales and new product development manager at Farmhouse Biscuits, Nelson, and the company started the ball rolling by pledging £500.

And Pendleside’s chief executive Helen McVey and some club members from Ramsbottom Running also joined in the fun running a half marathon from Edenfield to the hospice in Reedley.

Mark, a solicitor at Mewies Solicitors, Skipton, said: “We were disappointed when the Great North Run was cancelled but decided to do something for the hospice so launched the mega raisathon.

“The three of us ran a 13-mile half marathon around Burnley and Cliviger before making our way back to the hospice. We were joined along the way by other runners as well as being cheered on by well-wishers who contributed to the fund.”

Mark gave special praise to a young girl Connie Hartley who raised £1,000 by cycling 25 kilometres and Matt Jones and Dan Barton who were sponsored to sit in a bath of custard at the hospice.

Mark said: “A lot of what we did was made possible by the support of our friends at BNI Kudos and I thank them for their fantastic support.”

Helen McVey said: “When the mega raisathon was launched I decided I should join in because I was scheduled to run in the London Marathon for the hospice but that was cancelled.

“So together with the support from, Steve Wilson and Rebecca Turton from Ramsbottom Running Club I ran from Edenfield to the hospice being joined at the half way point, Clowbridge Reservoir  by Marissa McPhillips and Karen Leach also of Ramsbottom Running club, who offered support on the final stretch. Thanks to their support I was able to raise £350.”

“When that was cancelled, initially it was a relief but then we realised that much needed funds for the hospice wouldn’t be raised. So then we decided to carry on with our challenge of running 13.1miles and still raise the money.  Then we thought ‘why just stop at that?


“Apart from raising money we just want people to have fun and for everyone to do something amazing!”


Mark, a solicitor at Mewies Solicitors, Skipton, added: “Lockdown has given people more time to exercise and enjoy the outdoors so why not put the practice into something positive. 


“We are asking everyone and anyone to get out on September 12 and 13 and rise to the challenge.  It doesn’t matter how big or small the challenge is, it’s about doing something good and positive and supporting Pendleside Hospice.


“You can just opt to run 5K and donate £5 or run 10k and donate £10, or you can sponsor someone you know.


“It doesn’t have to be exercise based though, you can set your own challenge as long as you are raising funds for the hospice.


“You may want to do a cake sale, sit in a bath of beans, shave your hair or whatever.  We just want people to participate.”


There will be prizes for challengers and a prize draw for sponsors who donate £10 and above.  The organisers also want to see people’s training updates, pictures and posts, anything that inspires or encourages someone else to take part.