Lottery Results

Draw Date :  15th October 2021

Mrs Sj Smith COLNE 1000
Mr Paul Holding CLIVIGER 250
Mr Martin Trigg HIGHAM 100
Mrs Ellen Baron ACCRINGTON 5
Mrs Heather Harper BARLEY 5
Mrs Elizabeth Meade BARROWFORD 5
Mrs Marion Maguire BARROWFORD 5
Mrs Glynis Hartley BRIERCLIFFE 5
Mrs Margaret French BRIERFIELD 5
Mrs Irene Huxtable BURNLEY 5
Anonymous BURNLEY 5
Mrs June Reid BURNLEY 5
Mrs Marie Coyle BURNLEY 5
Mrs Louie Stirzaker BURNLEY 5
Mrs Violet Eastham BURNLEY 5
Mrs Doreen Howell BURNLEY 5
Mr Richard Prouse BURNLEY 5
Mrs Janet Miller BURNLEY 5
Mrs Rosemary Parry BURNLEY 5
Mrs Barbara Riley BURNLEY 5
Mrs Patricia Greenwood BURNLEY 5
Miss Sharon Kennedy BURNLEY 5
Mrs Shelagh Czapowski C/O Pendleside 5
Mrs H T Kay COLNE 5
Mrs Zabun Brett COLNE 5
Mrs Lindsay Jones COLNE 5
Mr Stuart Kerr FENCE 5
Miss Jane Holmes FOULRIDGE 5
Mrs Irene Halshaw HASLINGDEN 5
Mrs Kathleen Barnes HEYSHAM 5
Mrs Drinda Prince NELSON 5
Mrs Sandra Day NELSON 5
Mrs Janet Hilton SABDEN 5

The Pendleside Hospice Lottery has a top prize of £1,000 each week as well as 32 smaller cash prizes. Each entry into the draw costs just £1 per week and the lucky winners are drawn at random every Friday by computer. If you would like to play our Hospice lottery please click here.