Lottery Results

Draw Date :  16th April 2021

Mrs Margaret Shuttleworth BURNLEY £1,000

Mrs Julie Blezard BURNLEY £250

Anonymous £100

Mr Anthony Tibbs BURNLEY £5.00

Mr Nathan Fish BURNLEY £5.00

Mrs Valerie Butterfield BURNLEY £5.00

Rev Terence Dyer BLACKBURN £5.00

Mrs June Lord BURNLEY £5.00

Mrs Susan Hall BURNLEY £5.00

Mrs Jacqueline Saville BURNLEY £5.00

Mrs Joan Skinner COLNE £5.00

Mrs Margaret Ingham Burnley £5.00

Mrs Marilyn Harper BURNLEY £5.00

Mrs Ann Smith BLACKBURN £5.00

Mr Barry Nutter Blackburn £5.00

Mrs K Eccles BURNLEY £5.00

Mr Roy Warne NELSON £5.00

Mr Granville Barker BURNLEY £5.00

Mrs Christine Ashworth £5.00

Mrs Kathryn Horan BURNLEY £5.00

Mrs Elizabeth Dinsdale NELSON £5.00

Mrs Barbara Mason NELSON £5.00

Mrs Alison Driver NELSON £5.00

Ms Christine Lonsdale Nelson £5.00

Mrs Jackie Scott BURNLEY £5.00

Mr William Corless Colne £5.00

Mrs Christine Hadfield Colne £5.00

Mr Eric Dinsdale NELSON £5.00

Mr Peter Simcoe BURNLEY £5.00

Mrs Pauline McLoughlin CLITHEROE £5.00

Mr Michael Osborn COLNE £5.00

Mr Charles Goodwill BURNLEY £5.00

No Publicity Requested

The Pendleside Hospice Lottery has a top prize of £1,000 each week as well as 32 smaller cash prizes. Each entry into the draw costs just £1 per week and the lucky winners are drawn at random every Friday by computer. If you would like to play our Hospice lottery please click here.