I Wish We’d Known About Pendleside Sooner

Allan White and his wife, Christine

“When life threw challenges our way, Pendleside provided happy memories for our family,” said Janine Bodill. “My father, Allan White, spent four weeks on IPU at the start of this year, and I am so thankful that he got the care he needed in the last couple of months of his life.”

Janine, and her mother, Christine, open up about their positive experience with the Hospice. Allan, was diagnosed with cancer of the soft palate in April 2022 and initially started visiting Pendleside Hospice for complementary therapy. By December 2023, Allan’s health started to deteriorate and he was referred to our Hospice at Home team, who supported both Allan and his wife, Christine.

“The nurses were wonderful,” said Christine. “They always explained everything so clearly and I was constantly made to feel at ease. By this point, Allan was on multiple types of medication and it became quite overwhelming.”

“After a while, it was Pendleside who suggested that Allan come into the Hospice to control his symptoms and regulate his medication. He was a little reluctant at first, but it didn’t take long at all for him to feel settled.”

“Allan was so well taken care of - he particularly loved the long, relaxing baths! Due to his diagnosis, Allan had to be on a liquid diet, but Pendleside accommodated for his every need - even surprising him with balloons on his birthday - and a homemade cake for his family to enjoy.”

Janine added, “I wish we’d known about Pendleside sooner. As a small family, the care and support we received has been invaluable. It’s not until you’re involved that you realise what a fantastic facility we have on our doorstep - I just want more people to be aware. My dad thought we initially had to pay for the Hospice’s services, which I think can be quite a common misconception.”

Janine and Christine with Auxiliary Nurses, Debra and Richard (1)

“People also think that it’s a place where people come to for end of life care, but after 4 weeks of being in the Inpatient unit, my dad came home. He was feeling a lot better in himself and the Hospice at Home team continued to provide their support.”

Allan passed away peacefully at home on the 13th February and Janine and Christine cannot express their gratitude enough,

Janine shares, “Pendleside is not what you think it is. However, one thing I’m certain of, is that more people need to know about it. Referrals don’t need to come from healthcare professionals; self referrals and referrals from friends and family are taken into account.”

“Pendleside made me feel like somebody cared,” Christine adds. “The Hospice helped me with those difficult conversations, they supported me with Allan’s medication, and they cared for him in the best way possible.”

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