Chris Leach Pays Tribute to Late Wife, Ruth

Chris and Ruth Leach

Chris Leach, from Barrowford, pays a touching tribute to his late wife, Ruth Leach, who passed away from bowel cancer in January of this year.

Ruth, a woman known for her extraordinary bravery and kindness, devoted herself to charitable initiatives, raising more than £61,000 for Pendleside Hospice.

In 2008, the Leach family tragically lost their daughter, Sarah Leach, to breast cancer at the age of 30. Supported by her husband, family, and friends, Ruth channelled her grief into organising various charitable fundraisers in memory of Sarah, which included themed annual balls. Their first glitzy ball, titled 'Diamonds and Tiaras,' set the stage by raising £8,500 for our Hospice.

Described as courageous and resilient, Sarah continued to embrace life's joys, from socialising with friends to conquering the Great Wall of China just months before her passing. Despite her own trials, Sarah expressed a heartfelt wish for her family to support Pendleside Hospice, ensuring that others facing similar challenges could access vital care and support.

Chris Leach reflects on Ruth's legacy with profound admiration. "Ruth was an inspiration to many," he shares. "Her unwavering commitment to charitable causes and preserving Sarah's memory is truly inspiring." Chris further reveals the family's continued dedication, raising £520 for Pendleside Hospice at Ruth's funeral in February.

Fueled by curiosity, Chris undertook the task of tallying the family's combined contributions over the last 16 years. On top of previous donations made prior to Sarah’s passing, the significant sum, which exceeds £61,000, highlights the devotion and lasting impact of Ruth and Sarah's initiatives.

As Chris Leach continues to honour Ruth's memory and advocate for Pendleside Hospice, he invites others to join in celebrating the remarkable woman she was and the lasting influence she has made to others.