Carl Hodgeson Steps up his Pendle Hill Challenge

Carl Hodgson Pendle Hill Steps ChallengePendle Hill Step Challenge!

Join Carl in with his Pendle Hill Steps Challenge. Similar to the Facebook 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Carl is inviting everyone to either:

1,Walk up Pendle Hill. 2, Walk the equivalent of Pendle Hill in steps (4000). 3, Walk the equivalent of Pendle Hill on your own stairs at home (131 times up and 131 down).

Choose whichever works best for you, wherever you are in the world, or just donate if  you prefer! When completed, donate £10 to Pendleside and nominate FIVE people to do the same via Facebook/­Twitter or Instagram. We'd love to make this huge on social    media! Get involved and donate via the page link below. https://­www.­justgiving.­com/­fundraising/­carl-hodgson4

UPDATE: Carl’s Pendle Hill Challenge fundraiser has hit over 50% of target in just 2 weeks! He is so grateful to everyone who has helped support Pendleside Hospice so far, but he's now pushing the boundaries... if he can hit £5k by March 31st he’s going to walk up Pendle in:SWIMMING TRUNKS !! Dealer boots (and perhaps a hat ).To get there we need to step things up, so if you’ve been nominated please get involved and remember to tag 5 people to do the same!