Can Fat Elvis run four marathons in six weeks? Uh-huh!

A runner who became the fastest, fattest Elvis at the 2018 London Marathon while raising money for Pendleside Hospice is getting ready to complete four marathons in just six weeks in his trusty suit once more. 
Andy Riley, 42, has decided to run a marathon in each UK country decked out in his Fat Elvis fancy dress outfit after being inspired by Nick Butter, who is in the process of running a full marathon distance in every country on the planet.
First up is the Great Welsh Marathon on Sunday 14th April, before he tackles the London Marathon two weeks later.
One week later on Sunday 5th May, Andy will be at the start line for the Belfast City Marathon before finishing with the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday 26th May
Andy, who hails from Barrowford and is a public sector sales director for Daisy Group in Nelson by day, fundraises for the hospice after seeing the benefit of the charity first hand when his father, Brian Riley, was treated there in December 2016.
He said: “When my dad was cared for at Pendleside for just over two weeks, he told me to try and raise as much money as possible for them. They’re a fantastic support, and not just to the patients – they’re amazing with the families as well. That’s when I decided I needed to do something to give back to this charity.
“There’s no real reason for the Elvis costume aside from being an instantly recognisable figure! I decided to make my marathons that extra bit more challenging by adding a fat suit underneath the famous white jumpsuit – and I ran the London Marathon fully dressed despite the organisers’ advice. 
“It was the hottest one on record in 2018 but I took it slow, I couldn’t back down from my Fat Elvis challenge!”
Finishing with a respectable time of five hours 21 minutes, Andy explains the public’s reaction to his Elvis suit kept him going and he’s hoping for more of the same.
“It’s a huge morale booster when people spot you and cheer you on, especially when you’re wearing two full layers! There was only one way I could make my next challenge even bigger and better – taking Fat Elvis on tour.”
To make this challenge even more gruelling, Andy’s training was interrupted by a skiing injury in February, meaning he’s only just got back into his training regime.
“I’m lucky that I’d done a 12-week training plan in the run up to Christmas,” says Andy. “The plan for the New Year was to train heavily, but rupturing my ACL means I’m just getting back up to speed of late.
“But when you put the Fat Elvis suit on, you just become invincible and everyone cheers – I’m looking forward to it.”

To sponsor Andy and his four-marathon challenge, please visit https://­uk.­virgin­mone­ygiving.­com/­Fat_­Elvis