Alfie meets Penny

Alfie Butler and PennyAlfie Butler

Alfie Butler is an 8 year old boy from Burnley who has been fundraising for Pendleside Hospice throughout 2021. Alfie came up with the brilliant idea to raise money for the Hospice by doing a whole year of fundraising. He said 'Pendleside Hospice have helped my family so much over the last two years by looking after Great Grandad and Great Auntie and supporting my family when they needed help the most'.

Alfie decided that for his December fundraiser he would run a chocolate tombola at his school in Burnley. This took place on Friday 10th December. Pendleside Hospice mascot, Penny went along on the day to meet Alfie and his school friends. Well done and thank you so much Alfie!