Corporate & Fundraising ideas

Celebrating 31 years of caring 

Since the hospice began in 1988 we have helped thousands of local people and every single one of our supporters has played an important part in helping us to reach this special anniversary. However, as we reach this significant milestone the support of the local community is more important than ever in enabling the hospice to continue providing care to the people who need our support.

Whether it's holding a coffee morning, signing up to join our lottery, signing up to our midnight memories walk or volunteering at the hospice, we would love our supporters to help us in celebrating our 30th anniversary.

Please get in touch by e-mail at
Tel: 01282 440120.

Take a look at our ideas list to find out how you can help! 

1. NEW REGULAR GIVERS  It is really hard to raise the millions we need each year so, if we can attract 300 new regular givers donating just £3 per month (or more if you like!) 

2.   NEW LOTTERY MEMBERS      This would give  more people in our local community the chance of scooping the £1,000 jackpot each week 

3.   NEW VOLUNTEERS AT OUR CHARITY SHOPS  Supporting us in this way would help to generate vital income and providing an important presence out in the communities; New volunteers at the Hospice to carry out essential roles within the hospice building and grounds – from admin, driving and gardening etc.; 30 new volunteers joining our “Friends of Pendleside” community team, supporting hospice events/special projects taking part in the community ensuring all goes smoothly and raises as much money as possible.

4.     PLEDGES IN WILLS  A vital source of income for the charity. Legacies/gifts in wills left to the hospice ensure we are able to continue delivering the care we do to the people who need our support.

5.    PATIENT AND CARER STORIES SHARED  Are you a patient or carer who would you be willing to share your experience of accessing Hospice care and help others to understand how the hospice can provide support to those who need our service?

6.    PEOPLE TO BECOME PENDLESIDE HOSPICE AMBASSADORS  Have you been inspired by experiencing or hearing about what we do? Could you become a Pendleside Ambassador by helping to represent the Hospice at local events, functions and community group meetings with the aim of raising awareness amongst local community about all Hospice services?

7.   BUSINESSES TO BECOME PATRONS OF PENDLESIDE OR TO CHOOSE PENDLESIDE AS THEIR CHARITY OF THE YEAR  This is a wonderful way for your business to demonstrate commitment and support to the local community whilst at the same time helping to raise vital funds to support care delivery at the Hospice.

8.  TEAMS UNDERTAKING CORPORATE CHALLENGE  The challenge starts on the 1st June and runs until
30th September and challenges each participating business to turn £50 into as much money as they can within the qualifying period. Whether you would like to challenge your workforce to reach their full potential or use this as a team building exercise, the corporate challenge is a fantastic way to publicise your business in the local area, engage your team and network with other businesses whilst raising vital funds for Pendleside Hospice.

9.EMPLOYEES TO SIGN UP TO PAYROLL GIVING       Also known as Give as You Earn or Workplace Giving, this is a great way for employees to make a regular tax free gift to Pendleside Hospice through their pay.

10.     CONTACTS WITH HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS  We would like 300 health care professionals to come to the Hospice and see the excellent work we do by attending training sessions, our annual conference and  induction days etc. Contact:

11.  SCHOOLS INVOLVED IN OUR WORK      We want to inspire and encourage the next generation to support us – whilst at the same time helping to publicise the work the school does in the local area.

12.    NEW SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERS (FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND/OR INSTAGRAM)      A quick, easy and free way to communicate with our supporters – we want to reach out to even more people through social media.

13. NEW COLLECTION TINS PLACED ACROSS BURNLEY AND PENDLE      Taking a collection tub is a great way for you to show your support for a local charity and make a really valuable contribution towards our care.

14. DRESS DOWN/NON UNIFORM DAYS     Can your business or school take part in dress down Friday and help raise vital funds for the Hospice?

15. THRIFTY PURCHASES      30 people to purchase an outfit from our charity shops and to showcase their items to help promote the excellent quality of merchandise on sale in the Pendleside shops.

16.CAR RAFFLE TICKETS SOLD This would help generate an income of £60,000 to support the Hospice with care delivery whilst at the same time giving you the opportunity to win a car or £8,000 cash equivalent.

17.   CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS      30 celebrity endorsements would significantly help promote the work of the Hospice in the local press, on social media and within our local community supporting both awareness and also fundraising.

18. 30-DAY CHALLENGE      Can you individually or as a team be involved in our 30-day challenge's throughout the year e.g. ,Dry January, Stoptober or set up your own 30-day challenge and help raise sponsorship money to support the work of the Hospice?

19. SMARTIES TUBES FILLED      The Smarties challenge is a fun and easy way to get involved in fundraising for Pendleside. A Smarties tube can fit around £12 of 20p's or £28 of pound coins – if 3,000 people were to fill a smarties tube with either 20p's or pound coins.

20. QUALITY AUCTION PRIZES      Throughout the year the Hospice has many fundraising events where auctions are held. Are you able to donate an auction prize that could help raise funds to support the work of the Hospice?

21.  PEOPLE TO JOIN US IN OUR COFFEE MORNING CHALLENGE   Can you and your friends/office colleagues/­community groups catch up over a cuppa, enjoy some gorgeous treats and at the same time raise some money.

22.     PEOPLE TO SHARE THEIR SPECIAL DAY WITH US        In our 30th anniversary year can you share your special day with us? Celebration giving instead of gifts is an inspiring way for you, your family and friends to mark your special occasion. 

23.      30-MILE CHALLENGE  Can you take up a 30-mile sponsored bike/run/swim? This doesn't have to be done in one attempt.

24.    300 DONATIONS OF £30 IN OUR TEXT CHALLENGE      Can you donate a one off gift for our Anniversary which would raise an amazing £9,000 to support the work of the Hospice . 

25.   NEW GIFT AID DONORS      Helping us to raise much-needed extra income without any extra work for you. If you are a UK tax-payer, we can claim back 25% of the value of the goods or money you donate from the government when you sign up to gift aid.

26.   COLLECTION DAYS       Can your community group, church, or mosque undertake a collection during our actual birthday week, week commencing 1st October 2019.

27.   SPONSORSHIP FOR OUR SPRING & AUTUMN NEWSLETTER       Newsletters are one of the major ways we keep in touch with our amazing supporters – help us offset the cost by sponsoring the design, print and delivery costs. Adverts cost £100 inc vat.  Contact Christina Cope in Fundraising 01282 440103 or e-mail  

28.  Take part in our annual events       Pendle Pub Walk, Burnley 10k,Great North Run, London Marathon. 

29.   PEOPLE TO TAKE PART IN THE BURNLEY 10K      Can you be one of 300 runners wearing a Pendleside Hospice T-shirt/vest in the Burnley 10k .


Are you able to contribute a very special gift?  In the last year we have upgraded five of our inpatient bedrooms and in our birthday year we are looking to upgrade the remaining five rooms. This is to ensure that our rooms are fit for purpose and equipped to meet the increasing complexity of needs of people who are likely to access our service in the future; the cost to refurbish the rooms is approximately £30,000 (£6,000 per room).