• Smarties Challenge

Smarties Challenge

Pendleside Smartie challenge

Pendleside's Smarties challenge is a fun easy way to get you involved in fundraising for Pendleside.  Simply buy your own tube of Smarties or pick up a special logo pack for free from our hospice reception (we will ask for your contact details and your commitment to try your best to fill it).  Then just go ahead eat the yummy Smarties  - and fill up your tube.

A smarties tube can fit around £28  £1 pound coins in it !! – or fill it with 20p’s which is about £12 for hospice funds  - or any combination is fine.

Here are some idea’s we’ve come up with, but feel free to think of your own ideas too – and…

….remember, you can always call us on 01282 440120  or email 30thAnniversary@pendleside.org.uk if you’d like to talk about any ideas you have.

• Sponsored silence

• Helping family around the house in return for donations

• Organising a stall at a community event – e.g. tombola, lemonade stall, cake sale

• Ask school / work if you can bake cakes to sell at lunchtime

When you’ve completed Smarties challenge and filled your tube you’ll be ready to send your contribution to Pendleside Hospice for counting.

You can drop off the tube at our Hospice Reception - please ask for a receipt.
Please don’t drop them off at Hospice Shops.

Or pay your money online through the donate section on our website: https://­www.­pendleside.­org.­uk/­donate-to-us#­donate-form  - don’t forget to tell us the money is your Pendleside Smarties Challenge.