Pennine Lancashire Palliative and End of Life Care education and training

Many professionals are involved in caring for people with palliative and end of life care needs. This includes care home staff and domiciliary care providers, district and hospital-based nurses, hospital-based medical staff, General Practitioners and specialist palliative care providers. We all want to get it right for these patients, but sometimes lack the confidence and training to know how.

National guidance and regulatory bodies, such as the General Medical Council, the Nursing and Midwifery Council and the Care Quality Commission, increasingly want to see evidence that professionals are able to properly fulfil this vital part of their job.

This Education and Training Directory provides details of courses available within Pennine Lancashire in topics relating to palliative and end of life care. It can be used to identify where education to meet identifed training needs may be accessed.

The training directory and register of trainers is indexed and colour-coded to match the North West End of Life Care Model. General courses are listed at the start of the directory as purple, then topics listed and coded at the stage they are most relevant to. Training available spans all of these areas, and all are important.

There is also a register of trainers  within Pennine Lancashire who may be able to provide additional training on other topics related to palliative and end of life care.

We have tried to include all relevant local training; in addition to this, there are other courses organised by national bodies and in neighbouring localities, consult relevant organisations for details.

Pendleside staff should discuss their training needs intitially with their line manager.