• - Payroll Giving

- Payroll Giving

...also known as Give as You Earn or Workplace Giving is a great way for your employees to make a regular tax free gift to Pendleside Hospice through their pay.

It costs less to give more..
The donation is tax free because it is taken directly from the employee’s salary, meaning the cost to them is less than the amount they pledge.
Giving a regular donation to Pendleside each payday makes an enormous difference. Because it’s tax free, we can invest more in our work and plan ahead, making sure that hospice care is there for everyone that needs it now and in the future.

Benefits for Employees 
Easy and tax-effective, costing employees less to give more
Provides employees with the opportunity to support causes they care about

Benefits for Employers
It’s a great tool to motivate and engage with your employees
It is an easy way to enhance your corporate social responsibility
It makes your company stand out from the crowd in the media
You will receive a National Payroll Giving Quality Mark and be eligible to enter the Payroll Giving Excellence Awards

The employer will need to appoint a payroll giving agency to administer the scheme. 
Full details of this can be obtained from www.­gov.­uk/­payroll-giving.


If you need further support please contact Elaine Middleton- [email protected]