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Patient and carer stories

On this page you can read some of the stories told to us by some of the patients and their families cared for or supported by Pendleside.

Dorothy's story

"I have been living with cancer for the last ten years, I have always known I would not be cured and would have to live with it.  God gave me two precious gifts - the ability to accept whatever happens and a good sense of humour.

I have been to Day Services three times now.  I came back last year and again more recently.  I always look out for new people as it can be quite frightening coming for the first time; not knowing what to expect and not knowing anyone.  I always have a chat to try to help put new people at ease.  I have never asked to go back to the Hospice; someone else has suggested it and contacted the Hospice for me, but I do feel like the Hospice nurses are always there for me.

People say the Hospice is a place to go to die but I always tell them the Hospice is a place to go to live.  When you come to Day Services it’s like you get your life back.  You may be going to die like I am and you might feel so down and think what’s the good of it all.  When you walk through the Hospice doors and there are all these wonderful people to look after you, then you know and feel so much better.  Here you get the best.

My husband died in the Hospice, he was only in for a few days before he died they took really good care of us both.  I stayed with him day and night; they made me feel really welcome.

I do have other people helping me as well.  My own Doctor is wonderful; he really does look after me.  I was 89 last week so I have no grumbles and I have a lovely family, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Going to Day Services is like family, the nurses, the patients, everybody, it just feels like family and you can’t beat that."