Appointments may be made for medical outpatients for symptom control, physiotherapy, psychological support, exercise therapy, and complementary therapy.

Contact details

Medical outpatients 01282 440158
Physiotherapy 01282 440127
Psychological support 01282 440110
Exercise therapy, including gym work 01282 440127
Complementary therapy 01282 440139


Referrals will be accepted from any health care professional, patient, relative, or carer. When referrals are received from a patient, their carers or relatives, contact will always be made (with the patient's consent) with any relevant health care professional to obtain clinical information.

You may complete the referral form above and post to the address shown at the top of the form.

Alternatively, you can Email the completed form to: [email protected]

For an urgent referral 'out of hours', or at weekend, please phone 01282 440101.