Leave a Gift in your Will

Those who remember Pendleside‘s work in their will, enable the work to continue after their death and provide an important source of funding.

A legacy is a most effective form of gift and has the power to change lives after the donor has died. In recent years, over 10% of the hospice‘s total income has come from legacies bequeathed by our dedicated supporters.

Many people still die without having made a will leaving behind difficulties for those who have to sort out their affairs.  Your will plays a crucial role in helping the people closest to you, as well as potentially those you choose to help.  Making a will brings a number of benefits: You can set out your wishes about who receives what from your estate. Only relatives benefit from an estate without a will so if you wish to leave gifts to friends, neighbours or your favourite charities it can only be done through drawing up a will. You can name those you wish to look after your estate, as your executors.

They do not need to be professionals (like solicitors or bank managers) but can be family or friends who may also be beneficiaries under your will. You can specify your wishes for your funeral arrangements if you wish. Bequests to charities are exempt from inheritance tax (currently charged at 40% on estates exceeding £325,000).

Getting advice: It is best to have your will drawn up by a solicitor. Although there is a fee involved this ensures that your wishes are carried out to the letter.  Do not be afraid to ask for estimates from a number of solicitors and look out for any special promotions such as “Make a Will Week”.

Help and Advice; Contact our fundraising staff on 01282 440120 or email [email protected]