• Pendleside Hospice Skydive

11,000ft Charity Skydive


IMPORTANT: Age, weight and medical restrictions apply! If you are concerned or unsure about whether or not you can take part please contact your Doctor and Black Knights Parachute Centre (BKPC - https://­www.­bkpc.­co.­uk/) prior to registering to avoid disappointment.

Do something spectacular and tandem skydive either 11,000ft or 15,000ft to support your Pendleside Hospice, reaching speeds of up to 120mph for up to 60 seconds!
Sign up today for just £150 per person (usually £230) to take part in an 11,000ft jump. Upgrade your jump to 15,000ft on the day for an additional £25 (usually £255). All jumpers are expected to raise a minimum of £350 sponsorship in aid of Pendleside Hospice, which includes your jump, t-shirt, fundraising pack and fundraising support.
You will be given your jump time slot 2-3 weeks prior to your jump. You're welcome to make your own way there or return coach transfer is available for jumpers and up to one spectator - this can be booked at the point of registering. Please note that if you opt to travel on the return Hospice mini-bus/coach you will be on site at BKPC for the duration of the event and will therefore be waiting for all jumps to be completed. There is an on-site café where you can purchase refreshments, however you might wish to take your own.
On the day you can purchase photos and video footage of your jump for an additional cost (payable to BKPC) and upgrade your jump from 11,000ft to 15,000ft (additional £25).
Before you sign up please read the following information carefully as age, weight and medical restrictions apply.
The minimum age to take part in this skydive is 16 years old on the date of the event. If a jumper is aged 16 or 17 Black Knights Parachute Centre (BKPC) require parental signatures on their paperwork and ID to take part, therefore a parent or guardian needs to be present on jump day. If you are aged 70 years or over and wish to take part you will be required to fill in a BPA Form 115b signed and stamped by your GP and will also be required to book in for a safety assessment at the centre prior to the day.

When registering you will be asked to provide your weight and height - Pendleside Hospice will only share this personal information with BKPC and will not record this information. The weight limit for Females is 13st (82.5kg) and for Males 15st (95kg). BMI is taken into account, so if you’re over these limits, contact BKPC as they can take jumpers up to two stone (12.5kg) over these weights - this comes at an additional charge due to equipment hire costs (payable to BKPC). The jumper will also be required to complete a safety assessment at the centre prior to the day.

If you are unsure about any of the above please contact BKPC on tel: 01524 791820 before registering with Pendleside Hospice to ensure you are able to take part, to avoid any disappointment on the day.

To read more about Black Knights Parachute Centre follow this link - https://­www.­bkpc.­co.­uk/ to read FAQ's follow this link - https://­www.­bkpc.­co.­uk/­faqs/

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Pendleside Hospice Skydive

Pendleside Hospice Skydive

Do something spectacular and jump 11,000FT or 15,000FT for Pendleside, raising funds for the hospice and ticking something off your bucket list!