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Equipment loan

Equipment loan to patients in their home is the responsibility of either the NHS community loan store or Social Services after a full assessment of their needs by appropriate professional staff.

However, due to an ever-increasing demand for equipment for use in patients own homes, there is sometimes a delay before an item can be provided.

As a short term measure we can sometimes provide items until they become available from the proper sources.

Items are loaned to patients already known to us, or other people on request by the health-care professional involved. Close liaison with the community team is necessary to ensure the correct item is loaned and to enable its return when the replacement arrives.

Some examples of equipment are:

  • Commodes
  • Listening monitors
  • Recliner chairs

For further information on the loan of commodes and listening monitors please contact the hospice at home team on 01282 440107.

For information on the loan of recliner chairs please contact the Macmillan physiotherapist or rehabilitation assistant on 01282 440127.