Daisy Hooper's 52 Pendle Hill Walks

Daisy Hooper has begun a challenge to complete 52 walks up Pendle Hill in 2018...... at the age of four! And since the New Year Daisy has already completed her 13th walk. She is so keen to conquer the challenge to raise £1,000 she is up each Sunday morning at 7am in her walking gear ready to set off.

The challenge began and a fundraising page set up by Danny (35) raised £400 in just four weeks. The family, who live in Lower Manor Lane, Burnley, have also appealed for help and support from local businesses and companies.

Walkers up Pendle are now so used to seeing Daisy, a pupil at St Mary's C of E Primary, Newchurch-in-Pendle, they often stop to say hello. Although she usually goes with her dad, Daisy is sometimes joined by the rest of the family which includes her mum, Sam (30) twin sister, Poppy, brother Jack (six) and little sister two-year-old Molly.

When Daisy completes the challenge she will have trekked around 150 miles and will have travelled around 95,000 feet above sea level. Among the events to boost Daisy's efforts are a fundraiser at the Kingfisher Cafe at Barden Marina in Burnley. This has been organised by Sam who is the assistant manager there.

Anyone who would like to support Daisy is asked to go to https://­www.­gofundme.­com/­3qup2x-pendleside-hospice