• Charity of the Year 2018

Charity of the Year 2018

Charity of the Year

Charity of the year is an exciting prospect for both the organisation and the charity. It allows two organisations to come together to achieve great things for the cause and shows a commitment and dedication throughout.
It is great for staff morale and shows staff that their employers are taking some positive social responsibility.
From the organisations perspective it is a great way of bringing staff together to have some fun through team building.

Charity of the year partnerships can take many forms and are designed with us and the organisation to ensure it hits company's objectives and is feasible for the company and the charity. We work with you along the way to ensure you are supported and acknowledged by the charity. We take all of our partnerships very seriously and work in a professional way to ensure that both the charity and the organisation benefit from the partnership. We work with schools, companies, council organisations and community groups.

‚ÄčIf you would like more information please get in touch:  
30thAnniversary@pendleside.org.uk or Tel: 01282 440120

2019  - Charity of the Year

Chess, Burnley


Pipeline Induction Heat, Burnley 


Weir Minerals