Nutrition is often regarded as "just eating food", but it is now accepted as being far more significant in terms of general well-being of our patients. Poor nutrition is often a factor in a patient's condition, often impacting on treatment and affecting the patient and their carers' experience.

Here at Pendleside we take great pride in our catering service and will always go the extra mile to exceed patients' expectations by doing things like making birthday cakes, or making an "old favourite" such as home-made Oxtail soup, or simply "egg and chips"; after all, a bit of what you fancy does you good!

Catering for inpatients

  • A senior member of the catering team will introduce themselves within 24 hours of admission and explain the catering services that are available.
  • A qualified member of the nursing team will complete a comprehensive nutritional assessment within 24 hours of admission.
  • The vast majority of meals are made from scratch with fresh ingredients that can be adapted to suit your personal dietary requirements.
  • The kitchen is open from 8am until 7pm although light snacks are available outside these hours.

Catering for day services

  • A comprehensive menu is available each day and lunch orders are taken shortly after the patient's arrival.
  • During your 1st or 2nd visit a qualified member of the nursing team will complete a nutritional assessment with you.

Our catering manager is available to give advice regarding dietary requirements and to address any concerns that you may have regarding catering at Pendleside, along with access to our specialist dietician should that be appropriate.