The Gambling Act 2005 became legislation on 1 September 2007 and has three licensing objectives. These objectives are central to the regulatory regime created by the Act and determine the Terms, Conditions, Policies and Guidelines for all Pendleside Hospice lottery draws and raffles. They are:

  • Preventing gambling from being a source of crime or disorder, being associated with crime or disorder, or being used to support crime.
  • Ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way.
  • Protecting children and other vulnerable people from being harmed or exploited by gambling.

Raffle Ticket Selling Guidelines

  • As it is an offence for anyone under the age of 16 to participate in gambling, Pendleside Hospice now has a statutory duty to verify that customers are 16 years old.
  • It is an offence to pass on or sell entries/tickets to persons under 16 years of age.
  • Sellers should use their own judgement when deciding whether a customer is 16 years or over.
  • If a customer looks under the age of 18, they should be asked to produce proof that they are 16 years or over.
  • In the event of a customer purchasing an entry/ticket on behalf of a third party the seller should ask for confirmation of the third party’s age.
  • Should a prize winner be found to be under the age of 16 their money will be refunded and the prize will be withheld.
  • Sellers should be aware that they can refuse service to customers if they have any concerns that problem gambling may be involved, they must report any such incident to the Pendleside Lottery Manager as soon as possible. A confidential log will be kept.
  • Sellers should also be aware that they can refuse service to customers if they have any concerns that someone is using money they obtained illegally (the proceeds of crime) to buy raffle tickets. Pendleside Hospice Lottery has a duty to report such incidents to the National Crime Agency (NCA).
  • If customers funds are known or suspected to be of criminal origin and those funds have already been handled by a seller, then the circumstances will be reported, in the first instance, in confidence to the Lottery Manager, who will then evaluate the information and consider the appropriateness of an online submission of a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) to theNCA. Failure to make a report may result in prosecution for a criminal offence. A confidential log (maintained and accessed solely by the Lottery Manager) will be kept.
  • There is a limit of £100 in single tickets in raffle draws and a player cannot exceed this limit without the approval of the Hospice Lottery Manager.
  • Where possible Sellers should use a counterfeit pen to detect counterfeit notes. Counterfeit notes should not be accepted by Sellers. Counterfeit pens can be obtained from the Finance Office.
  • No expenses are to be deducted from the gross proceeds of sold raffle tickets without our prior written permission, i.e. if 500 tickets of £1 each are sold, we would expect to receive £500.
  • All proceeds and unsold tickets are to be presented to Pendleside Hospice Fundraising Department within seven days of the draw date.

Pendleside Hospice is licensed by The Gambling Commission www.­gambli­ngcom­mis­sion.­gov.­uk
Operating Licence No. 000-005174-N-100431-007
Remote Operating Licence No. 000-005174-R-310547-002
Promoter: Pendleside Hospice
Manager: Helen McVey